D licious Saturday

today is my day to relax. I slept in, cleaned house, went shopping (bought nothing), went grocery shopping (bought a ton), and am now making a soup that smells D licious.

D licious soup
olive oil / salt pepper
3 leeks (chopped)
1 bok choy (chopped)
green onion (chopped)
fresh basil sprigs
Saute ingredients above until soft. Then add the following:
1lb yellow potatoes (1" cubes)
16oz chicken broth (I used reduced sodium)
10oz water
carrot (1" cubes)
Saute with lid on until potatoes / carrots are soft. Pull potatoes / carrots / greens (anything chunky) out of pot and in to food processor. Process until no longer chunky. Plop in to different bowl that can be refridgerated. Mix with some sour cream (add and stir in plop by plop to taste). Refridgerate until chilled! Add lemon to taste.
so much yum.

so that is what I have been making and I cannot wait to sit down with an entire bowl-ful. in the meantime I decided to sit down with a glass of BIG HOUSE RED... which is entirely tasteful and amazing. I was not expecting such happiness from a single glass - let alone the first one. mmmm.

in other news...
...taking an 8 month break from a video game like say.. RockBand for example.. will actually make you BETTER. but it will still keep you up at night.
...tight pants are only positive if you BOUGHT them tight.
...one should never talk LOUD when talking about VIAGRA because everyone else in the sushi restaurant will hear you say "VIAGRA" in the middle of your story and then assume you are taking it even though you might just be saying "I think that VIAGRA commercial with the men having band practice in the garage is hilarious!".
...watching Extra on TV for more than 10 minutes is like feeding my brain to maggots.
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