the soup nazi

I slept like a rock last night. which helped a lot when I got up early this morning to meet up with my hiking buddies. we tackled Quicksilver today.. no problems there. it was an easy hike.. pleasant with brief 1 minute interludes of 'huffy puffy'. fortunately for me, but unfortunately for my buds, I decided to talk a lot to make it more difficult. heh.
if you haven't woken up early on a Sunday to drive around looking for a hike and think you're lost even though you have your GPS but it isn't working because of all the trees and then you eventually find the entrance and you get out and find your camel back has a hole and has leaked in the back of your car, then you should try it some time.
there is just nothing that beats getting outside and smelling eucalyptus air and finding tarantulas and deer and wild turkeys and making it to the top without realizing it and being rewarded with a view of the valley. and the earlier you get out there, the more crisp the air is. ahhh... no words.

what I do have words for is the soup I made today... not to be confused with the one I made YESTERDAY. no see, this is a very different soup with a tomato base.

Today Soup (not the same as Yesterday Soup)
leeks / bok choy / green onions all chopped
olive oil / salt / pepper
Saute above ingredients until soft. Add the following:
Diced tomatoes in rich juice (can)
16oz chicken broth (reduced sodium)
carrot chopped
fresh sorrel fresh basil / garlic salt / italian herbs / pepper
Saute until carrots are soft.
while I was making this, my husband said 'smells good'. but after all the ingredients had been sauteeing for a lengthy amount of time, he said 'smells like tomato sauce!!' with a much excited look on his face. that's when I announced NOW I'M DONE.

in other news...
...how high can tarantulas jump? need to look this up as a precaution for the next hike
...RAID for ants also works on yellow jackets
...Nick is no longer allowed to make his salsa as he just keeps making it hotter and hotter every time
...Romeo has a sun-bathing cat gene in him somewhere
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