peeing in the woods

my entire afternoon was full of stress. before I knew it, my running pal was in the parking lot waiting for me to come out and play. my afternoon had flown by and I was left with sore temples from all the gum-chewing I was doing to try and make myself feel more at ease.
I word-vomited in the car the entire way to our running destination before I realized I was out of breath from talking so much and apologized to my poor friend.. who was quietly giggling at my stories. sigh. word-vomiting (not to be confused with actual vomiting) makes one feel so much better (although I guess actual vomiting can make one feel better as well, but not till after).

anyway, my Two Small Farms friend (ms. marisa) recommended an excellent sounding soup that will utilize not only the sorrel I'm getting tomorrow but also my leeks.. which is a plus + plus. I think I might just minus the peas though... and the puree step.. and turn it in to more of a veggie / potatoe thing. yum.

in other news...
...while others might have a need for speed, I have a need for cheese.
...the new coach of the san jose sharks looks so much like my friend from college, Shad Stack, who is not a porn star as his name might suggest
...I miss the smell of the ice, the breeze of my speed, and the sound of my blades. let's go to Logitech
...if I do not go camping again soon, my face just might retract in to my head and my neck will disappear
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