goody good good

it's been a solid day.

I have hydrated, dehydrated, and rehydrated. eaten dairy, vegetables, whole grains, and fruit. and am now sitting on my couch whilst watching the tely with my stinky self. I went for a run over at Rancho San Antonio after work - and it's so wonderful compared to the gym. it makes me make the sound people make in commercials after drinking Coca Cola.

did anyone watch the debate tonight? I have an important question that I should have emailed in.
"Do you have a plan, a recipe, which uses sorrel?"
because I can't seem to find one that doesn't involve either eggs, or cream. and if you don't know what sorrel is, join the club. I had to look it up. Sorrel is a perenniel herb that is cultivated as a garden herb or leaf vegetable. and from what I have learned thus far, I can substitute it for spinach in some recipes but it should be known: sorrel has a flavor similar to kiwifruit or sour wild strawberries. it is also a laxative.

in other news...
...4:30pm is a good time to go trail running if you like the breeze the high school cross country runners create for you while passing.
...horses should not poop and trot. at the same time.
...the 'spritzer' low calorie salad dressings make better room spray deodorizers than lettuce flavorizers.
...just because it is now Autumn does not mean I need to wear sweaters. it's still hot outside. duh.
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