4 wedgies and a friend

my during the week running buddy is suffering from one of two painful options.
option #1 super bad shin splint
option #2 a cracked bone
let's opt for option #1 as option #2 makes me think of a cracked shin bone sticking out of one's skin.

nonetheless, he is down for the count.. for at least 6 weeks. so my weekly running went to shit due to the fact I cannot leave my cubicle chair without a friendly obligation threatening me with guilt.

enter high school pal moving back to California after far too long. she's getting in to running for the first time in her life which means she is super amped and likewise has restored my interest and desire to stand up, change in to a skin tight outfit, and drive to a trail at 4pm every other day.

it's been a fun week consisting of buying myself some tight knee length pants that flatten my ass like a concave pancake, as well as some strange yet new blister-reducing toe-hugging socks (I call them my glove socks, or my 4 wedgies), and about 8 miles worth of new dirt on my shoes.

a good week it has been.
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