what do I do

I paid a lot of money to get my hair done a couple of days ago. highlights and a cut. and I feel like I'm having a lot of personal issues with my hair since then. a couple days prior to my appointment, I could not help but notice my hair is thinner than normal. for those who may not know, I have had thin hair my entire life thanks to my dad. thin as in 1. don't have a whole lot of it and 2. the individual strands are thin and break easily.
it is hard to work the sexy face when you don't have the hair to back it up.
the ponytail has been my best friend for years.
I digress.

after noticing the super-thin-ness, I head in for my appointment. I am completely self-conscious about it this time around after checking myself out in the mirror the day prior. sitting under that heat lamp with my hair wrapped in foil frizzes made my paranoia exponentially grow. "THIS is not helping. I think I can FEEL my hair falling out" etc. and then to top it off, there's an article in the latest gossip mag about women's thinning hair.
it could be a sign of hypo-thyroidism or other problems. or it could just run in the family. the age to start worrying about either one of these scenarios? 26-30. I'm almost 27. and now I'm officially freaking out.
the entire rest of my appointment I spent focusing on individual hair folicles. personally, I thought the lady rubbed my scalp too hard when shampooing. followed by far too many brush strokes and blow-drying. and there was really no need for those extra spritzes of hair spray at the end (which would just end up tangling and ripping out later).

and let me just admit, I exaggerate everything. my entire blog is honestly an exaggerated public journal. but this story? NOT EXAGGERATING. I do not feel good about this. and I was not happy during this entire hair experience.

I come home and my hair has grown twice in size thanks to the hair lady and her blowdryer (I don't like big hair). after a night of sleeping on it, it flattens a bit and I like it better. then, while hanging out with my husband and a friend, a hair growth commercial comes on. they both comment on it. "just SHAVE your head" one says. the other brings up our other friend who has sexy, thick, long, herbal essence commercial hair. and BOOM I'm back in the salon again not wanting to be seen and seriously considering doing something about this.

and my birthday is around the corner. wonderful.
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