miracle socks

well, my 4 wedgie socks have proven to be viciously full of purpose. I wore them for a stinky 3 days straight of running and quickly retired them to the laundry basket immediately upon returning home from the trail on the 3rd day. 2 running adventures later without them because they're busy stinking up the laundry room and I have two blisters coccooning tiny butterflies waiting to pop out and fly away.

this is when waterproof bandaids come in to play. but I wiggle my toes in my half-sleep and this creates a noise that sounds like large spiders trying to crawl up the side of my comforter while I am sleeping. not good.

so I washed my damn 4 wedgies already and have snuggled them over my damaged, ready-to-callus-or-crack toes and they are doing FANTASTIC. blisters are disappearing, my shoes are more comfortable, my teeth are whiter, and my jokes are funnier thanks to the wedgies.

but sadly, my pet butterflies didn't make it.
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