the downside of the uphill

my buddies and I have hit the trail two days in a row now. going on three. during Monday's run, I could tell I not only hadn't run for 3 days but had a good amount of thin mints and irish car bombs inside of me. toxicity.

when we got to the trail yesterday we decided to change our route. Instead of hitting the slow and steady incline of the one my shoes are most familiar with, we opted for a route that 1 of 3 of us had run before years prior. so this thing was entirely new to me and I was flipping out for the full 5 minute walk to the starting point becaaaause, our friend described it to us as one big-ass hill in the beginning and then a slow downhill loop after that. a downhill loop of which she had no memory of how long it took her years ago.

and thus we embarked. my mission? don't stop. go as slow as I have to but, don't stop. OH - and don't look up.

I made it up the entire hill and pretty much just let my body fall down the rest of the way. it was nice. show me a downhill marathon and I'm all over it.

we clocked the distance on mapmyrun.com later... I estimate about .5 miles of extreme uphill. felt like more but, it's hard to tell. afterward we were conversing about it and my friend said "hard hill but, beautiful view" me: "view? there was a view?"

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