throw it away. throw it away.

add another 3.1 miles to the DONE list. as well as a pantry cleaning raid and refridgerator wipe-down.
I had signed up for a 5k weeks ago that took place over at Shoreline in Mountain View just this morning. the training leading up to it just plain sucked for me. there is no better or more clever way to put it. the two or three times my two friends and I went to Shoreline to attempt the race route, my brain shut my body down saying "too much wind!" "where is the turn around point?" "I really don't think you know where you are going" "is that goose poo I smell?". basically, I did not do well. which led me to punish myself at the gym the days I was not at Shoreline.
I threw in a short run at my local trail (which again, took a good stab at my high spirits thanks to the high-noon sun and heat) and then headed to the hour long spinning class. the day prior to the race I hit the gym again doing weights and running an easy yet methodically dull 2.4 miles on the tready. half way through my running-in-place I heard a thump and turned to find a woman who had fallen while on the treadmill. "what am I doing here" I thought. I was punishing myself with exercise, to try and make my brain feel better.
I also surprisingly held back from a ridiculous amount of wine consumption the night before the race. some friends came over for dinner and while everyone laughed over crown royal and chianti, I sipped my iced tea. yummy yum yum.

after 8 hours of no sleep, I threw my running garb on and did 80 on the freeway to Shoreline (waking up as late as possible for any event and still making it on time makes me happy). and as one of my friends took off and went out of sight, I found myself paired with my Tag partner from grade school and I couldn't be happier. I pushed her and she pushed me the entire way and while we used to hold hands when we were 7 in order to run faster together, it wasn't necessary this time.

then I came home and threw out all the old shit that was in the pantry. and wiped down the shelves in the fridge.

good times.
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