nuick nuick nuick

I sometimes wonder, if I take off in one direction on my favorite trail, how far could I actually just, GO... before having to stop, search for quarters, a pay phone, and call my husband to pick me up?
and when I say 'sometimes' I mean during the times I'm not testing to see how many Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies I can stuff in my face at once. which is a majority of the time. so, ya. I spent my weekend drinking beer with friends, being quiet the next morning as to not wake any of them up, and eating lots of Girl Scout cookies. while this is all fine and dandy, it leads to a Monday morning spent feeling extra body parts giggling and wondering "WHEN??? HOW??" which makes it all soo not worth it.
so this evening I plan on wrapping up my blisters with special band aids and sporting my nifty running attire at Rancho San Antonio for a warm and cozy jaunt with the bunnies.
maybe I'll see a cadbury. in which case, I'd have to stop and eat it. and then search for more.
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