like a polaroid picture

before jumping to other topics, I offer a follow up to yesterday's mental debate. husband was unavailable for an afternoon jaunt. so after hyping myself up to run alone, I realized I hadn't packed my socks. once I finished cussing myself out, and got over the deep disappointment (with some secret happiness somewhere), my friend offered her extra pair of socks for me to use.
3 + miles alone, while a personal feat, was not fun. revealing that I have more hurdles that I thought.
on to other, more exciting things.
a friend of mine has created a public playlist of some tunes online that I find myself visiting every day at approximately 3:42pm. people think I'm on the phone, so they leave me alone. unless they see me sit-dancing. then they know it's just headphones and I obviously don't care what anyone thinks of me. call me crazy but Electrolane deserves a good, solid, and committed head-bobble and air bass drum.
if this song existed, and was played at that one part-rave party I went to 5 years ago? I just might have tossed my inhibitions aside and climbed up on that kitchen counter to shake it like a polaroid picture (even if it does sound completely un-dance-able - I could still throw some moves together). instead, I now sit in my ergonomically incorrect chair and head-bobble my life away.
mid-life crisis, here I come.
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