wardrobe check


so it made sense to celebrate #27 with it. lots of it. I met up with some friends to go to the local wine bar (*they had cheese too. BONUS!). but it was cold. really cold. and husband and I did not bring jackets. so husband decides he's had enough, and is going to my most favorite store to buy himself a jacket. "buy me something!!" I said. part joke but part serious. and I remain in my cold skin on my cold seat eating a hot dog with my hot friends.

he came back with a man jacket. and nothing else. at least he's true to his word.

SO, I set off today back to my most favorite store by myself. it's my birthday weekend dammit. and I planned all of my own birthday festivities. I deserve something to thank myself.

upon arriving at the ever-so-popular outdoor mall we here call Santana Row I proceeded to look for parking for over 25 minutes!!! every motorcycle parked in a normal space makes me yell an unkind word. I drove here for a purpose, and I'm not leaving without taking care of that purpose. after wandering through 4 separate parking lots, success. and it's a celebrity. nice.
after finally making it to my most favorite place, I start the hunt for a wardrobe addition. I hit the fitting room with 6 items. that's a good number. while minding my business removing things and adding things in my personal space of a change room, I hear a mom and her daughter enter. mom's giving daughter praise on the clothes they grabbed together. and while daughter is in the room changing in to her next item, mom says "see what you can do honey, when you have your own job! you can buy whatever you want!"

omg. I'm too old to shop here.
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