poop and exercise

big plans for the upcoming weekend. I'm preparing for it by working out as much as possible this week, and purchasing sleeping bag pad thingies.
I will be camping at Manresa State Beach with friends, husband, dog, and good wine (and / or beer - I am indecisive at this point). a sunburn is in my future and sand is in my shoes. already. it's from two weeks ago.
high hopes I have. and high hopes can bring nothing but disappointment in one way or another. maybe I'll get pooped on by a bird. or step in poop. or not poop. all 3 would be pretty crappy.
as for today, my running 'group' of 3 (or running 'crowd' I guess I should say) is going to stink up my apartment gym by way of sweat. as opposed to other methods. 'strained-muscle' friend needs to do activities that do not involve repetitive stomping on a surface so this seemed like a good alternative to get us all together to do something involving physical strain.
plus, it's nice to have a good sweat and then come home to a dog. makes me feel loved when he greets me like I'm a giant walking salt-lick. with my husband gone to Vegas for 4 nights, my dog licking off my inner-elbow sweat is as exciting as things get.
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