hamburgers and road bikes

I know you must be dying to know about my two biggest weekend accomplishments.
1. ate lots of strawberries
2. test rode a road bike while wearing a tube top
I never eat strawberries because I never buy strawberries because I can never eat them fast enough. and I never wear a tube top let alone test ride expensive bicycles in them. I now know one looks very silly in a tube top and helmet. but I also know it may be a good idea to wear this same outfit (minus the husband) when I actually do buy the bike. possible discount involved.
riding a road bike wasn't as scarey as I thought it would be. after hearing my husband describe it as 'like riding on ice' I had high and uncomfortable expectations of the difficulty level required for this. I found wearing the helmet and knowingly ruining my already messy hair actually more difficult than cruising around on tires as narrow as my thumb.
my only problem now is the investment this sport requires. I left the shop with no bike (because buying something over $200 without shopping around is just dumb), but I did buy a helmet. imagine a tastey filet mignon with the most perfect cab sauv.. only in the shape of my head with holes and straps. that is how much the helmet cost.
I see this entire thing becoming overwhelmingly expensive and hamburgers in my future.
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