the power of the cupcake

much to my butt's disapproval, I ran yesterday. you see, my trip to the gym with my running crowd gave me lots of time to work out my ass area. lots of squats, lunges, one-legged squats, etc. at the time, it didn't feel like much. I am used to squats with a bar and lots of weights and since I didn't have that for this gym trip, everything felt like a piece of cupcake.
I was wrong. and when we started our 3.3 mile run yesterday at Rancho, my butt told me how angry it was. I kept waiting for one side to snap, causing me to grasp that maximus and slow to a lying down pace... awaiting the hunter that shot me to come finish me off.
but I ended up finishing. which was a nice feeling at the time. until today. today the healing begins with multiple elevator trips instead of stairs followed by a drive straight home after work (no gym stop. no trail stop.), and a fresh cupcake. which I will be baking 24 of later. which will go straight to my ass. and make it feel better.

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