6 packs in 4 places

Big Sur.
Los Angeles.
Las Vegas.
Lake Tahoe.
all 4 in less than 3 months. which I initially thought sounded like much less time than what it reads as. nonetheless, an exciting 3 months. an anniversary, a film festival, a bachelorette, and a wedding.
sounds like a summer blockbuster.
only better.
in between the flying and driving, I am looking forward to the cycling. it has been a long time since I hit the trails and roads instead of the gym and frankly, I am a little scared to leave my routine. at the gym I know I can run, leg press, single leg squat, wall sit, ab crunch, and butt blast my way through 60 minutes non-stop and be sore for days. those machines and tools have my body groves engraved in them somewhere...
but the trails and the roads? they can promise me only one kind of workout. can I be mentally satisfied with this? only one way to find out.
in other news...
...So You Think You Can Dance? bring it on.
...6 pack 6 pack 6 pack 6 pack. maybe with enough focus it will happen.
...does anyone remember when Biggest Loser contestants were HAPPY with losing weight even if they didn't win? sigh.
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