grab your cup, and sip

I had a quesadilla for lunch. it was loaded with cheese. damn this lactose intolerance.

after a recent bout with TMJ my diet has adapted even tighter restrictions. the lactose intolerance requires me to leave any and all forms of dairy behind... even a teaspoonful. any itty bit throws my stomach in to turmoil. TMJ cut out ice-chewing, gum-chewing, and any sort of meat gnawing that I might feel like doing.

well today, today I live my life to fullest - beginning with a quesadilla for lunch. maybe I'll treat myself to a dollop of sour cream as a snack later. a slice of pizza for dinner. chocolate for dessert. ah yes, I dream.

my photography business is slowly launching. slowly but surely. and correctly. I feel that the past couple of months have allowed me to build a solid portfolio... different faces, different places. once my website is perfected and published, endless possibilities!

in other news...
...club soda should not be mistaken for water.
...7 more months until the next holiday that will introduce decent chocolates in to my world again. 7 months is a long time.
...after two years, my dog is now officially a dog. 'fetch' is finally part of his listening vocabulary that functions properly.
...my husband recently asked me how one wears a cup. last time I checked, the only goods I have that require a cup also require a tea bag and hot water. so I say, "On one's hand honey".

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