meatballs and mass

holy meatballs it's May.
mm meatballs.

speaking of food, my husband and I had a delicious dinner the other day - not meatballs but, full of yum nonetheless. threw some asparagus in the oven with evoo, salt, pepper, and a few wrapped in a narrow slice of prosciutto... as well as a whole baby portobella painted with the same seasonings. meanwhile, I whipped up a dijon / lemon / evoo dressing for a spinach salad and BAM. a quick dinner that tasted superb.
and it just gets better...
I made us a pizza the other night with half carmelized onion & pear, and half portobella mushroom and prosciutto. need I say more?

the weather has been a big zap in my creative flow recently. it is either windy, rainy, or cold when I have shoots scheduled... and perfect weather when people already have plans. I managed to sneak a few at my cousin's recent First Communion celebration but I went in to the event with different expectations so it doesn't feel 'real' to me.
I have 2 shoots scheduled for the next 2 weekends... hopefully the weather will be nice to me.
in other news...
...it is possible to do sprints on a treadmill without flying off
...day 2 of 'absolutely no dairy whatsoever' is going smoothly
...day 2 of my new 'picking at everything' habit is filling the dairy void but causing some pain

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