don't think. know.

how do 3 weeks go by in a blink of an eye? that just doesn't seem right.
every evening I fight the departure of the sun... seems like before I know it, it is midnight and I need sleep. yet when someone asks me how my day was, or what I did last week, I would tell you it was dull. it was boring. and I don't remember it.
in a couple of minutes I will be off to the gym at work.. the toughest part of my day aside from dragging my tired ass out of bed this morning. yummy burgers for dinner with my husband... and then a whirlwind of a weekend involving photo prep, winery adventure, San Francisco graduation, film meeting, birthday party, Berkeley concert. I am tired already. I hope to fit in some couch-sitting with a bottle (yes bottle) of wine... or pool-dipping with a mojito disguised as water so I don't get kicked out.
one can only hope.
in other news...
...Kris Allen. really? I bet he becomes good friends with John Mayer, Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Jacob Dylan.. or any other artist who he sounds like.
...too much leg press weight + too many repetitions = back and spine bruises with an unrelated but inevitable fear of getting older.
...hellooo... I'm Cat Deiley.. and this is... so you THINK you can dance!!
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