eyes and minds

dream tracking entry #1
an old friend from grade school - who I have not seen since running in to her at the gym 2.5 years ago - was showing me her route to get home in some foreign place. it involved a train and a bus and I was thoroughly enjoying the adventure and catching up with such a pleasant person from my past.
in the midst of switching from train to bus I saw another friend... one that I no longer speak to. as we stood at the same bus stop avoiding one another from 10 ft away, my anger at her built up and, after short deliberation, I convinced myself that she deserved to hear me. so I whipped around and stood in front of the small patient bus crowd and said...
I was a genuine friend.. anything for you I would have done
I cried with you, celebrated with you, did nothing and everything with you
and in return you walked away.
in return, you said no.
in return, you said sorry.
in return, you acted like you never knew me.
and as the small patient bus crowd accepted me with surprisingly sane eyes and understanding minds, she turned around and walked away like she never knew me. I watched her get smaller and smaller all the while making excuses in my mind... maybe she just realized she missed her bus. maybe she's thirsty and is walking to a cafe. maaaaybeeee she was never there.
in other news...
...4 cups of coffee should fix this restless sleeping and dreaming problem
...oooh why not make it 5
...ok. time to reorganize the entire house
...oh heck, why not build a new one
...oh look, my running shoes! let me go on a quick run
...work work work, laundry, rose pruning, wall washing

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