Sur Big

a new day a new plan.

Nick and I have scheduled a trip down to Big Sur at the end of the month... we are going on marriage year #2! who else could put up with my psychotic rants, mis-pronounced words, constant need for glasses of random liquids from the kitchen, and super woman strength? no one. he is special.

other than hiking and enjoying the amazingness of Big Sur, we plan on eating at the Big Sur Bakery & Restaurant which I cannot wait for! their somewhat disorganized and homey-feeling website has my expectations raised for a down-to-earth fancy feast.
and check out this hike... how can you say no to that??
with the weather improving weekend after weekend, Big Sur should be peaking by the time we get there!

speaking of weather, it allowed me to do another photo shoot this past weekend. I visited the Rose Garden with family in tow... the sun was sunny, breeze breezey, and roses rosey. we could not have asked for a better day OR better company!

in other news....
..one should not reward oneself from refraining from dairy successfully by eating everything non-dairy in site
...roses shouldn't be given foodie names unless we are allowed to eat them
...don't chew gum if you are getting your picture taken

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