3 day weekends

it is Tuesday. disguised as Monday.
how inappropriate.

I have returned from the whimsical Monterey county. the pictures I vowed to take did not happen... thanks to football. the husband wanted to rush home. I thought at first maybe the rush was just because he loved me sooo much and wanted to spend the remainder of the day with me at home base. I should know by now that I am never right. I rushed us home so he could go watch the games his team isn't even in anymore at a friend's house while I sat at home NOT taking photos.
tis ok. my dog loves me and I love my dog so we we had a romantic evening together.

I was however, able to take some shots on Monday. tried some new things and learned some new things. I guess if that weren't the case, it would all have been a waste of time.

in other news...
...22 more days till the next 3 day weekend. dammit.
...the weather sucks. and it is oh so wonderful.

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