itchy bum

Friday... almost 5pm. I don't know about your work chair but, my work chair is making my butt itch.
ironically, it does not feel like a Friday. the end of the week happiness hasn't hit me yet. maybe it's my weekend goals and obligations that are a little daunting. or the trip to the track this evening that's putting a tight lid on the Friday smiles. either way, just another Friday. there are plenty left to be happy for.
in other news...
...the Aged Two Years fancy Irish White Cheddar cheese I have been snacking on for the past two weeks has found a nice home in my cheeks. the ones on my face.
...never have a photo taken of you while blowing those little whistle-blower-happy-new-year things.
...do not attempt to take an ab class in a quiet small room with strangers if you have gas.

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