today was catch up day with my old manager. grabbed a bite and spoke of our weekends. our husbands. our moms. and then she asked how long it has been for me now.. working for the company I refuse to state the name of.
'10 years?' she asked me.
'what?! no. not 10 years.'
and then the thought process took place. I was first hired here when I was 18.. I am 27 now. and while I have changed jobs, worked part-time, taken time off... it's been almost 10 years.

where has the time and the dreams gone?

she looks at my face and her eyes always seem to read more than I think I am providing. she knows I want something else and that I have wanted that something else ever since she hired me 9 years ago. but instead of confronting our realizations with shoulda-coulda-woulda's, we spoke of the evolution of hope.
and a 60 minute lunch felt like 10 seconds.
bring on the remainder of the day.

in other news...
...3,124 steps thus far today. getting paid to sit is bad news.
...it is what it is
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