it's time

2009 has begun with the sort of bang I would rather do without. I haven't done anything beneficial to my body and I am getting strange vibes from friends that have now turned in to simple aquaintenances. when one wants to spend more time with someone else, than that someone else wants to spend with them, time to re-evaluate.

I digress.

my Christmas gear will be going away today. I am giving everything it's last look at light before being packed in the garage for another year. my fake tree from the early 80's is staring out the window absorbing the diffused light imagining itself growing taller someday. garland will be tossed in to a bag and thrown on a shelf - not before losing some fake berries that will scatter all over my floors first though.
it was fun while it lasted.

in other news...
...alka-seltzer tastes good. if you didn't know that, then the last time you had one was years ago and it was the 'original' flavor.
...jamba juice should deliver. to my couch.
...clothes should not be kept simply for the stories they know. time to throw out that tank top that looked fabulous on me 5 years ago when I took my truck off-roading in San Diego.
...Crossroads are not just roads that cross. they are second-hand stores that carry magical belongings waiting to be discovered and placed in to my dresser to take up the space that off-roading tank top freed up.
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