i can do it

the last day of my 'working from home vacation' before returning to 'working from work' and I feel like I am in a cold and flu symptom reliever commercial.
bring it on.

while plugging away at numbers and letters and random data that I call a job, new years resolutions and ideas have been running through my head. I did not have any time to think of resolutions before the ball dropped but how crucial is the timing anyway?

among some of my goals and ideas for 2009 are...
  • cook more. I've been doing great thus far - already accomplishing an amazing baked Honeycomb Rigatoni for some friends.
  • work out BEFORE work. I've tried but have yet to be successful. this will be a challenge but it's worth a try.
  • tackle short adventures. Healdsburg. Grand Canyon. camping trips. skydive. Oregon.
  • complete my second duathlon and actually train for it this time.
  • call people more. I spend so much communication time through email and text - purposely avoiding the awkwardness that becomes me when someone can actually hear my voice. this is going to stop.
  • take someone's portrait and charge them for it. I am out of freebies.
that's one big list but, I am motivated.

in other news...
...no news at this time. mind is too busy 'working'.
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