socks and sandals.

happy lunar new year.

there is a new project heading my way that I am very excited about. can't speak about it.. or I will probably jinx myself. so for now, mum.

back to the gym for my butt today. so much concentration on just sweating in general that the little J Lo I grew has dissipated. the first key is to always head in to the gym with a plan... a plan you have been thinking about all day in order to psych yourself up for it. the second key? patience. all those resolution breakers are still hogging the machines. wait for what you want rather than walk away to find something you don't want.
last but most important key: don't forget your wedding ring at work. because you'll remember you forgot it while you are running on the treadmill and you will have to leave immediately.
I am determined.

in other news...
...wind is an element I do not care for when running against
...tight stretch workout pants eventually wear out in the butt area and should be replaced at the first sign of see-through
...Fedor Emelianenko is amazing despite the fact that he wears socks with his sandals.

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