sigh sigh boo hiss


give the day a name and it all makes sense.

if only everything were that simple.

the sky is dirty white and if you stare at it long enough you can see a grain texture... that mimics snow falling.
adds false magic to the dreary day. nothing like lying to yourself every now and again to make things easier.

I could not sleep last night. moving to the couch usually helps but, it didn't. instead I just kept my poor dog up all night with the tossing and turning. at least I burned some calories. after dragging myself awake, driving to work in a blur, and sitting down at my desk I realized my shoe was broken, the armpits in my shirt were too tight, my hair is fluffy where it needs to be flat and flat where it needs to be fluffy, and my bra is squeaking.

at least I have butt loads of girl scout cookies to look forward to next month. I ordered THREE boxes from this cute girl last weekend.... THREE because I love the cookies and also because I felt bad that my dog was viciously barking at her through the screen door. "he's part Beagle." is no excuse to an 8 year old. I also forgot that my cousin is a girl scout... and I got her phone call last night. two more boxes. sure, why NOT get fat for little girls right? that's ok. will they be there to support ME when I'm at the gym working off the thin mints that have accumulated on my inner thighs? I should start my own list with body parts listed instead of cookie types... so the scouts can sign up to support a body part. hanging arm fat. inner thighs. outer thighs. butt. cankles. fat on my face.
sigh again.

in other news...

...running is easy when done with a friend who listens

...as wonderful as chips and dip are, they should not be eaten for dinner every day of the week
...time to embrace the rain and just take photos in it
...as much as the air and trees may beckon me to join them, I still have a meeting until 5pm today that I need to attend. boo. hiss.

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