San Francisco awaits me and my camera bag. the excitement makes we wiggley.
but today - today I wait impatiently and document ideas. today I think about today. about my couple of miles waiting to be conquered. well, 'several' of miles is probably a better way to put it. today I will proclaim "it's f-ing cold out here!" as I usually do when the cold air smacks against against my bare arms and ankles before a run. I will make a gag and vomit sound while passing KFC as I usually do. and I will sneak a peak in to the kitchen window of this really incredible house on the route that has granite counters and amazing flooring and whisper "Jesus". like I normally do.
yep. no surprises in the role I play.
in other news...
...quitting coffee is extremely difficult if your co-workers ask if you want some every morning
...when will American Idol stop?

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