steelers and bunnies

what month is it?

the dust is still settling in the house and in my brain from the last couple of weeks. there is so much added to my 'really really want to do' list that I am doubtful the remainder of 2009 has enough days to complete everything. and yet, onward I travel.

my friend's website is now up and running - photos sponsored by yours truely (website sponsored by Mitch).
I happen to think that is quite exciting. and for anyone out there actually interested in his business, I highly recommend him.

the weather is looking brighter which is good for photos and good for running - two of my biggest celebrations and insecurities. I had been recently pondering picking up my beloved Canon FTb and shooting off a roll... but then I recollected my trip to the store to replace its battery... and the woman telling me those batteries are no longer sold in California. And it would be really difficult for me to find them anywhere really.
well shoot me and my hot air balloon out of the sky why don't you.
I guess I can resort to using one of my many other cameras... but there's nothing like the familiar grasp of the FTb frame and the sound it makes while helping me create.

weekend task: shoot some film.

in other news...
...football is being revived by the Chargers' desperate stretch for the supa bowl. I will be repressing all the years of Steeler cheering training in order to root for blue.
...is it 5 o'clock yet?
...is it Friday yet?
...Campbell track. tomorrow. seventeen thirty. it is a lousy date. but a date.
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